Microbore Tooling Systems Ltd., manufacture and supply a complete range of boring tool solutions for most machining applications, products include the Microbore®, Twinbore and Tribore.

Microbore's fine boring system includes boring bars, cartridges, Gear Adjust (GA), Boring Rings and bespoke customer specified tooling. This tooling can be offered with modular fittings.

We also offer Service and Calibration for Tool Presetting Machines.



Microbore Tooling Systems Limited, Whitacre Road Ind. Estate, Whitacre Road, Nuneaton, Warks., CV11 6BX, England, Tel. 0247 6373355, Fax. 0247 6373322, Email: sales@microbore.co.uk, Website: www.microbore.com

 We supply microbore boring bars,integral boring bars, Parallel boring bars, straight shank boring bars, boring rings, boring flanges, Gear adjust tooling microbore boring cartridges and boring cartridges, microbore indexable cartridges, adaptor bushes microbore gear adjust, modular tooling, ADE and ADA adaptors, twinbore and tribore tooling, Shorthole drills, short hole drills, ABS ® bars, ABS ® boring rings, ABS ®  twinbore and /tribore,  ABS ® gear adjust tooling and Special tooling for use with our Microbore Tooling Systems. Microbore® is a registered trade mark of Microbore Tooling Systems Ltd., We offer conversions for Rigibore ® cartridges and bars. Rigibore is a registered trade mark of Rigibore UK Limited. ABS ® is a registered trade mark of Komet UK Ltd.